Analytical Equipment

Spectrophotometer are highly advanced smart and intelligent units that are designed by our skilled professionals by using best-in-class equipment. These laboratory-grade units are commonly used to measure the intensities of electromagnetic radiations at every specified region of the light wavelength. They are available in many different sizes and designs such as UV double beam, atomic absorption type, microprocessor-based, and many more. Spectrophotometer can be easily used with the help of an easy-to-use button or touch-type control panel. They are also equipped with high-class components for light collection, focusing, and separator for efficient functioning to provide highly accurate results.
Product Image (AJ-03-CEI)

ConXport Anaerobic Culture Jar

The lid of the jar is made of Aluminum Pressure die casting fitted with a Pressure valve, Vacuum valve, Safety valve & Compound Pressure cum vacuum gauge, three finger aluminum clamp, and sealing "O" ring, and Air/Gas chuck.

Product Image (EA-01-CEI)

ConXport Electrophoresis Apparatus

It is required in Biotechnology, Molecular Biology applications in Colleges, Universities, Research Institutes. It is meant for protein characterization. The unit is jointless, molded of transparent Polycarbonate to avoid leakage. The unit is based on an Acrylic sheet fitted with 3 leveling screws. Complete with Acrylic cover.

Product Image (VA-03-CEI)

ConXport Vertical Electrophoresis Apparatus

Usage Laboratory Buffer Required (ml) 750ml External Size (L*W*H) 150*120*115mm

Product Image (RM-01-CEI)

ConXport Research Model UV Transilluminator

Usage/Application Laboratory use Automation Type Semi-Automatic Brand ARGLabs

Product Image (CM-02-CEI)

ConXport College Model UV Transilluminator

Required in Biotechnology, Molecular Biology applications in University & Research Institutions. Specification: Wavelength: 365nm or 254nm No of UV Tubes: 8 Tubes, Imported Wattages: 8 Watts

Product Image (UR-03-CEI)

ConXport . Ultra Thin Research Model U.V Transilluminator

Product Description Ultra Thin Research Model U.V Transilluminator is Very small Portable, very accurate for research work. And It has Aluminum pressure die casted body furnished in Pink powder coating.


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