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ConXport Advanced Trauma Simulator

ConXport Advanced Trauma Simulator

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Material: PVC

Description:Advanced trauma simulator is a full-body, lifelike PVC manikin that realistically simulates a trauma patient. It is specifically designed fortraining professionals in the field of emergency care and transportation of the sick and injured. The advanced trauma simulator consists of 22 modules. It can be attached to various parts of the trauma on the care model to simulate a variety of physical trauma, including facial burns 1.2.3 degrees, lacerations,contusions, small intestine protruding, open fractures, gunshot wounds, stab wounds and a metallic foreign body limb fracture and other injuries.


  • A. Washing, disinfection, hemostasia, enswathement, etc
  • B. Open fracture, truncation trauma
  • Facial Burn, degree I, II, III.
  • Laceration of forehead.
  • Jaw wound.
  • Open clavicle fracture and contusion wound on the chest.
  • Abdominal wound with protruding intestines.
  • Chest wall section and suture incision.
  • Abdomen wall section and suture incision.
  • Open humerus fracture of the arm.
  • Open fracture of the hand (including parenchyma laceration, fracture and bone tissue exposure).
  • Gunshot wound of the palm. 11) Burn in the forearm, degree I, II, III.
  • Open femur fracture of the leg.
  • Open tibia fracture of the leg.
  • Leg amputation.
  • Metal pricking wound of the thigh.
  • Tear of the thigh skin.
  • Sepsis wound of the thigh.
  • Infective ulcer of the thigh.
  • Thigh section and suture incision.
  • Foot necrosis.
  • Amputation stump of arm.
  • Amputation stump of leg.

Packing: 1pcs/carton,99x42x54cm, 24kgs

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