ConXport Elevated Plus Maze

ConXport Elevated Plus Maze

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Elevated plusMaze test is one of the most simple and widely used apparatus to study anxietyand anxiolytic response of almost all type of anti-anxiety agents on smallrodents.

Exposure ofthe animals to novel maze alley evokes an approach-avoidance conflict which isstronger in open arm as compared to enclosed arm. It is based upon rodents(rats and mice) natural aversion for high and open space and prefer enclosedarm and, therefore, spend greater amount of time in enclosed arm.

When animalsenter open arm, they freeze, become immobile, defecate and show fear-likemovements.

The plasma corticallevel is also reported to be increased, as a true reflection of anxiety.

Majoradvantages of this test procedure are

(a)    It issimple, fast and less time consuming,

(b)   No priortraining or noxious stimuli (sound or light) is required.

(c)    It ispredictable and reliable procedure for studying anxiety response as well asantianxiety of drugs.




v Anxiety testing system for rats & mice.

v Fourarms are arranged in the shape of a cross.

v Twoarms have side walls and an end wall (“Closed arms”). The two other arms haveno walls (“Open arms”).

v Closedarm walls can be individually inserted into guide rails.

v TheOpen arms are surrounded by small ledges to prevent the animal from fallingfrom the maze.

v Themaze is fastened to a light weight support frame.

v FourInfra red sensor and transmitters are fitted in each arm to monitor the entryand exit of the animal.

v Thecentre part of the maze is designed in such manner that whenever animal is placedon the centre table, time gets registered.

v Providedwith a Control Box to monitor the activities.

v Entries in the arms are registered whenmice come out
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