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ConXport Malaria Detection Microscope

ConXport Malaria Detection Microscope

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Product Description


Upgradeyour light microscope into an LED/ Halogen fluorescent microscope at a fractionof the cost - use in the same way as a traditional fluorescent microscope. The LensAdvance fluorescent microscope attachment is a cutting-edge attachment designedto provide the many benefits of LED fluorescence microscopy to any lightmicroscope. LED fluorescence microscopy offers improved detection of manyinfectious diseases. Digital video and image capture is also available.

Features of Lens Advance System:

Convertsany conventional laboratory microscope into a low cost fluorescent microscope

Lowcost alternative to purchasing a traditional fluorescent microscope

Canbe used in the same way as any traditional fluorescent microscope

Simplyattach the  Lens Advance to the objectiveposition of your existing light microscope

 Ideal for performing any fluorescent microscopy techniques in the field

Advance can also perform:

Accuratelyidentify species - including filarial in blood (using the Q BC Malaria Tube)

Detect Malaria, TB, Trypanosomes and other blood-borne parasites

Quantify the level of parasitaemia

Perform tests for:

Chlamydia,ANA, PCP, CMV: Acid-fast bacilli in sputum, urine

Quickcell count with two part differential count

Plateletcounts for monitoring dengue patients

Identifiesthe need for, and the most appropriate treatment

Canbe used in the laboratory or the field


DIN Fluorescent Lens Long working Distance Achromatic objective 62X (N.A. 0.85, W.D. 4.1mm), antifungal and anti reflection coated.


External illumination 3W Cool Light LED 3.3V with variable control. Up to 100,000 hours of LED life.


Input 220V AC, 50/60 Hz.

Battery back-up

OPTIONAL Chargeable battery back-up 6V, 1.2Ah, Approx. 8 hrs, if fully charge.


Optional Accessories

30 Trinocular Head, Digital USB Cameras (1.3MP,3MP, 5MP, 14MP) with in-built adaptors and DSLR Cameras with adaptors, MCFL-550, High Performance 5.0 MP for Fluorescence.

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