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ConXport Radio Frequency Cautery

ConXport Radio Frequency Cautery

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Radio FrequencyCautery Is Used As High-Frequency Electrical Current That Can Be Used As EitherBipolar Or Monopolar Mode (4.0 Mhz). The Zone Of Injury Is Comparable Or LessThan A Carbon Dioxide Laser When Both Are Used In Appropriate Fashion ForTraditional Surgery

Radio FrequencyCautery Involves The Passage Of High Frequency Radio Waves(2mhz-Megahertz)Through Soft Tissue To Cut, Coagulate Or Remove The Tissue. Soft TissueResistance To These Radio Waves Causes The Cellular Water In The Soft Tissue ToHeat, Which Produces Steam, An Results In Cellular Molecular Dissolution OfIndividual Tissue Cells.

The Surgeon UsesA Hand Piece With An Active Electrode (Different Type Of Electrodes ForDifferent Applications) To Transmit The Radio Waves. The Radio Waves AreFocussed On The Tissue By An Antenna Plate (Patient Plate) That Is PositionedBehind The Tissue In Contact With Patient's Skin.

Radio Surgery InGeneral Practise Has Many Advantages Over Conventional Surgical TechniquesParticularly Dermatological, Plastic And Eye Lid Surgery, ENT ,Dental,QuickerOperating Time,Rapid Healing,Less Tissue Damage And Less Post OperativeDiscomfort .

Radio Frequency CauteryIs Not To Be Confused With Electro-Surgery Machine(Surgical Diathermy) SparkGap Circuitry Unit(Electro Cautery Machine) And Uses Completely New Techn

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