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ConXport Ultrasound Scanner Color

ConXport Ultrasound Scanner Color

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UltrasoundMachine Uses High-Frequency Sound Waves To Make An Image Of A Person's InternalBody Structures. It Is Commonly Used To Study A Developing Fetus (Unborn Baby),A Person's Abdominal And Pelvic Organs, Muscles And Tendons, Or Their Heart AndBlood Vessels.

AbdomenObstetrics Gynaecology Pediatrics Cardilogy Urology Small Parts

Display Modes: B,B+B,B+M,MAnd 4B

Gray Scale: 256

Focus: 4 FocusFree Combinations

Image Magnification:X1.0, X1.2, X1.5, X2.0 Times

Deepness Shift: AtB, B/B Mode, X1.2,X1.5, X2.0shift

Local Zoom: 2Times Both In Real-Time And Frozen

Measurement: Distance,Circumference, Area, Volume, Heart-Rate, GS, CRL, BPD, FL, HC, AC Etc

Comment: Date,Time, ID, Age, Sex, Probe, Frequency, Focus


Image Conversion:B/W, L/R, Up/Down

Scanning Deepness:Whole Screen Comment Input

Resolution: Lateral=2.0mm,Axial=1mm

Color Disposal:Inner Color Display


Probe: 3.5mhzMultifrequency Convex Probe (Standard)

B-Color: 10

Scanning Depth:240mm

Body Marks: 40

Image Storage:64 Frames

Cine-Loop: 341 Frames

Detect Deepness:170

Video Output: PAL-D,VGA

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