ConXport Advanced infant CPR and Nursing Manikin

ConXport Advanced infant CPR and Nursing Manikin

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Material: PVC

Design according to infant anatomical structure, imported material, flexiblejoints, soft skin, realistic and vividly

1) General care: change diapers, wear clothes, oral care, hot and cold therapy,bandaging.
2) Venous transfusion/puncture: arm vein include: brachiocephalic vein andsuperficial veins. Scalp vein Include: frontal vein, superficial temporal veinand femoral vein.
3) Umbilical cord care: ligature umbilical cord, umbilical venous intubationand transfusion.
4) Gastric intubation: detect tube position by means of auscultation; canpractice gastrointestinal decompression, nasal feeding, gastric lavage, etc.
5) Bone marrow puncture: practice tibial puncture; outflow of simulative bonemarrow shows proper puncture operation; drug liquid can be injected into andcan practice transfusion operation.
6) CPR training operation.
7)Support mouth to mouth, mouth to nose, simple respirator to mouth ,electronically monitor compression; frequency and volume of blowing,compression times, frequency and depth, blowing and compression can be trainingseparately.

Packing: 1pcs/carton,64x20x34cm, 8kgs

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