ConXport Infant CPR Training Manikin

ConXport Infant CPR Training Manikin

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Product Description

Material: PVC

Description:CPR manikin feature:

  • Clearly anatomic characteristic, realistic touch feeling and lifelike skincolor, vivid appearance
  • Can perform artificial respiratory, extra cardial compression and airway open
  • Operation mode: CPR training, can perform compression and inflation

CPR instrument feature:

  • Indicator show inflation volume, correct inflation volume: 30ml- 50ml; Fast ventilation > 30ml within 0.27 seconds indicated by red light. When the inflation volume is excessive, proper, indicators will accordingly be yellow,green, and alarm will ring accordingly
  • Indicator show compression depth: correct compression depth: approximately13mm-20mm When the compression depth is proper or excessive, indicators will accordingly be green, yellow, and alarm will ring accordingly
  • Indicator show compression position: Right compression position indicated by red light on the middle chest
  • Operation frequency: 100 times/ min
  • Ratio of compression and artificial respiratory: 30:2/single or 15:2/double
  • Operation cycle: after 2 valid inflation, then 5 cycles CPR operation according to the ratio of compression and inflation 30:2 or 15:2

Packing: 1pcs/carton,64x32x18cm, 5kgs

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